Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stormy's Point of view on his new home - Stormy the wondercat

Well,  it has been far too long since meowmie's last update so I decided to do this update myself.  As a kitty who loves to type or at least bang on the keys - i think i can do a good job. (lol)

Now meowmie and I moved into a new place in December - our own quiet place with a roommate.  I love it here.   Different than my old place and much smaller  but i love it anyway.   No stairs to climb really just 2 to go into the living room area where the 2 humans sit to watch tv.   Theres a thing called a balcony which i am eager to go onto (kinda) and see what its like.  Never been on a balcony before.   I am not really an outdorsy kinda kitty.

I've heard that in the summer time the humans are going to have a grassy like area on the balcony so we can sit and enjoy the summer out there.   They will have chairs I will not.   Maybe i will leave a hairbal on that grassy area to prove a point!

Not much else to tell about this new place.  It is only the 2 humans like i say and well I give it paws up.  New smells to get used to.   how i hated the car ride.   the day they brought me here I struggled and hid cos i didn't want to be put in the carrier.   i didn't wanna be brought back to that awful shelter.  how did i know i was going to a new place?

Well it's time for me to get off the 'puter as meowmie is giving me the stink eye for taking it away from her.   wellll what do i know i'm a cat!

i will blog when i have more news.    sorry theres not many caps and spelling errors - i'm a cat what do i know.

Stormy the wondercat

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am sooo sorry for waiting two months to post something.   Meowmie has been soooo busy with stuff - work and whatnot and secretly I think she forgot about this blog.   She has a limited short term memory she says.  Well apparently she's heading into her next milestone birthday next year. (shh) she'll be angry if she knows I told. (mew mew)

Anyway well not much is new - except meowmie had her brother bring over a strange black cat.  Don't like this cat at all.    She steals meowmie's attention all the time but I'm there to show the black cat that I'm the boss and no one is going to take the attention away from me. 

I don't think meowmie likes when I do that because she gets mad at me.  This other cat "Morrigan" meowls at meowmie so Meowmie gets mad at me.   I'm the boss and I want to be petted.  Morrigan can just go home and get petted by her daddie!

Yes I'm jealous.  I'm a one cat  - cat.   Meowmie and her dad brought over another cat a few months ago.   This beige one called Simon.   Didn't like him either and so I scared him that Meowmie's dad brought him back to his house!

Oh well nothing else new now - guess I better sign off and remind Meowmie to update this blog more than she does.  I mean REALLY 3 updates since July??

Stormy the spoiled cat and head of he household!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm back!

Ok I'm back for another mini blog.   I just wanted to add that I love to cuddle and just all around get in the way of Meowmie's computer screen.   as she types this I am sitting on her hands.  I dunno how much i weigh but i can tell its not easy for her to type.  hehe.   i am looking up at her now and her hair is on my nose.  I like to curl in a ball.   I am a  typical kitty who likes to get into trouble.   I also have my front claws and  yep i may have a scratching post but  i like to scratch at the wall paper too....  much to meowmie's dislike! 

Ok so nothing new to add.   Like i said before I will put the information of my adoption on a separate page..  once its created I will announce it and add pictures to it too.  hehehe!

Meows and Purrs


My First Blog.....

Stormy here:

I am an almost-two year old grey tabby who does what he wants whenever he wants.  I am king of this castle and I demand playtime.   I make sure my meowmie plays with me each morning (weekday that is) before she goes to work.  My birthday by the way is August 22, 2009.  I am a Leo.   I expect gifts upon my birthday - lots of gifts...  after all I'm a cat and am spoiled.    The anniversary of when I was adopted into my furever home is October 22, 2010.  More on my adoption on another blog date.  Its not time to share that as yet it will be on a separate page probably called "Stormy's Adoption" but I dunno since its Meowmie who's typing this it's her choice.  "kitty eyeroll"

Sometimes she is LATE playing with me and only has 5 minutes.  Not impressed with that!  Why does she spend sooo much time in the bathroom?   Is it typical of humans to spend that much time and ignore what their pets demand?   Meow!     Well she plays with me and watches that stupid rectangular thing  all the time - she forgot it one day (hahahaha) and I bet it drove her crazy not having that annoying thing with her.

My favourite toys are my green mousie - i bat it around and chase it and well it does nothing to me so why can't i chew on it.   Same with my grey one.   I like the green one better.    Meowmie also throws these circular thingies at me and i take off and fetch them.   Wonder if i have dog in me cuz cats don't usually fetch.

I like to lie with her - last night i tried to steal her pillow - i know it was annoying her cos she leaned over and grabbed 2 more pillows.  i left her bed soon after - why didn't she wanna share?

Well not much else to say at this point..  I'm a cat and I like to sleep as I am 'dictating' this to meowmie I am lying in the shelving thingy where the printer is - well hidden...... from view among the papers which incidently need to be organized!

Meows and purrs