Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am sooo sorry for waiting two months to post something.   Meowmie has been soooo busy with stuff - work and whatnot and secretly I think she forgot about this blog.   She has a limited short term memory she says.  Well apparently she's heading into her next milestone birthday next year. (shh) she'll be angry if she knows I told. (mew mew)

Anyway well not much is new - except meowmie had her brother bring over a strange black cat.  Don't like this cat at all.    She steals meowmie's attention all the time but I'm there to show the black cat that I'm the boss and no one is going to take the attention away from me. 

I don't think meowmie likes when I do that because she gets mad at me.  This other cat "Morrigan" meowls at meowmie so Meowmie gets mad at me.   I'm the boss and I want to be petted.  Morrigan can just go home and get petted by her daddie!

Yes I'm jealous.  I'm a one cat  - cat.   Meowmie and her dad brought over another cat a few months ago.   This beige one called Simon.   Didn't like him either and so I scared him that Meowmie's dad brought him back to his house!

Oh well nothing else new now - guess I better sign off and remind Meowmie to update this blog more than she does.  I mean REALLY 3 updates since July??

Stormy the spoiled cat and head of he household!

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