My Adoption Story

September 17, 2011

I had been at the shelter since April 2010.   I dunno where I came from I don't remember.   Apparently I was a "Stray"  I don't know what that means - I did have a mama and a 'family'  but I don't know why they didn't want me.   I ended up in the shelter.   In a small room with cats all over the place in cages.   I sat there for months trying to look cute and cuddly,  just hoping for an adoptive parent to see how cute I was and adopt me.   Sadly most people wanted wee kittens...  What is so great about a wee kitten I will never know.   I got passed over so many times.   I watched what the other cats did to get themselves adopted.    They'd meow and stick their paws out to prospective meowmies so i did the same.  No one adopted me.   Months went by...  and I saw cats come in and cats leave...  I began to think that no one would take me to a furever home.   I began to feel sad and kinda upset or depressed.   In October (a cold month)  a cute lady comes in and looks at random cats in the same room as me but didn't look at me.   I did hear her say she wanted an older cat.   (this after apparently looking at a scrawny calico they had named Taz who was 9months old)    I overheard the lady tell the humane society worker she wanted a cat that already developed a purrsonality and was a lap cat and cuddly.   I was all of those but I didn't want to get my hopes up.    I didn't do much when the worker opened my door to take me out and put me in a ugh cage.   We went into the other room where the other cats were and then into a smaller room where the lady, worker and i sat.   I was a little nervous as I had never been in that room before.   I had a feeling that this lady liked me... we played a little bit and the worker and lady talked about me and where i came from and whatnot.     Then I was put back in the carry cage thing and brought back to my own cage in the cat room.   Sadness overwhelmed me again -  I was not going to a furever home.

A few days later,   the lady returned again and this time with a man - i presume her dad.   They took me into that room again and we played.   This time the worker was a man and the three adults talked about me and i did my own catly thing and continued to play.

I heard them say they wanted me.  I was overjoyed that I was finally going home to a furever place.  I knew I would love it .   My new meowmie apparently had just lost her other kitty she had had for 19 years and it made me happy that I was going home with them to be their new kitty.   I was sad for her too that she had lost her 19 year old cat.

They took me home that day and i was frightened.   New smells - new places to hide. I spent my first day and a half hidden under meowmie's bed and behind the couch.   Gradually I came out and now almost a full year later I am the happiest kitty in the world.   I am Top Cat in this household!  I am loved by everyone who comes into the house.   I just turned 2 years old on August 22.  They guestimated my age and birthdate as August 22 because they adopted me on October 22 and the shelter said i was 14 months old.

So that is my adoption story. - oh by the way the shelter had named me 'Duke"    My new family didn't like that name so they re-named me Stormy.   It is fitting because of my colours.  I love my new family and I would not ever trade them in for anyone else!!!

Stormy the Wonder Cat

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