Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stormy's Point of view on his new home - Stormy the wondercat

Well,  it has been far too long since meowmie's last update so I decided to do this update myself.  As a kitty who loves to type or at least bang on the keys - i think i can do a good job. (lol)

Now meowmie and I moved into a new place in December - our own quiet place with a roommate.  I love it here.   Different than my old place and much smaller  but i love it anyway.   No stairs to climb really just 2 to go into the living room area where the 2 humans sit to watch tv.   Theres a thing called a balcony which i am eager to go onto (kinda) and see what its like.  Never been on a balcony before.   I am not really an outdorsy kinda kitty.

I've heard that in the summer time the humans are going to have a grassy like area on the balcony so we can sit and enjoy the summer out there.   They will have chairs I will not.   Maybe i will leave a hairbal on that grassy area to prove a point!

Not much else to tell about this new place.  It is only the 2 humans like i say and well I give it paws up.  New smells to get used to.   how i hated the car ride.   the day they brought me here I struggled and hid cos i didn't want to be put in the carrier.   i didn't wanna be brought back to that awful shelter.  how did i know i was going to a new place?

Well it's time for me to get off the 'puter as meowmie is giving me the stink eye for taking it away from her.   wellll what do i know i'm a cat!

i will blog when i have more news.    sorry theres not many caps and spelling errors - i'm a cat what do i know.

Stormy the wondercat

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