Sunday, July 17, 2011

My First Blog.....

Stormy here:

I am an almost-two year old grey tabby who does what he wants whenever he wants.  I am king of this castle and I demand playtime.   I make sure my meowmie plays with me each morning (weekday that is) before she goes to work.  My birthday by the way is August 22, 2009.  I am a Leo.   I expect gifts upon my birthday - lots of gifts...  after all I'm a cat and am spoiled.    The anniversary of when I was adopted into my furever home is October 22, 2010.  More on my adoption on another blog date.  Its not time to share that as yet it will be on a separate page probably called "Stormy's Adoption" but I dunno since its Meowmie who's typing this it's her choice.  "kitty eyeroll"

Sometimes she is LATE playing with me and only has 5 minutes.  Not impressed with that!  Why does she spend sooo much time in the bathroom?   Is it typical of humans to spend that much time and ignore what their pets demand?   Meow!     Well she plays with me and watches that stupid rectangular thing  all the time - she forgot it one day (hahahaha) and I bet it drove her crazy not having that annoying thing with her.

My favourite toys are my green mousie - i bat it around and chase it and well it does nothing to me so why can't i chew on it.   Same with my grey one.   I like the green one better.    Meowmie also throws these circular thingies at me and i take off and fetch them.   Wonder if i have dog in me cuz cats don't usually fetch.

I like to lie with her - last night i tried to steal her pillow - i know it was annoying her cos she leaned over and grabbed 2 more pillows.  i left her bed soon after - why didn't she wanna share?

Well not much else to say at this point..  I'm a cat and I like to sleep as I am 'dictating' this to meowmie I am lying in the shelving thingy where the printer is - well hidden...... from view among the papers which incidently need to be organized!

Meows and purrs


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